• Just About Famous
    2 videos  |  Rent $3.99  |  Buy $8.99

    Just About Famous

    2 videos  |  Rent $3.99  |  Buy $8.99

    JUST ABOUT FAMOUS shines a spotlight on the overlooked side of celebrity: the lookalikes. Take a trip into the enlightening and often times surreal life of impersonators as a "star studded" cast lead by Elvis, Obama, Lady Gaga and more embark on a journey to one of the premiere celebrity tribute ...

  • Just About Famous - Celebrity Edition

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    Just About Famous Deluxe Celebrity Edition! Featuring over an hour of bonus material, including:

    - Just About Famous Feature Documentary
    - Just About Famous Deleted Scenes Featurette
    - Just About Famous, the original short that inspired the Feature Film!

  • Just About Famous - Bonus Features Only

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    Already seen the film? This package features over an hour of additional material including Deleted Scenes and the original short film!